The old mantra of if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it doesn’t apply when considering the ever-escalating security challenges. With evolving security and compliance requirements, there’s a greater need to make sure branch IT is secure.

Given the prevailing attitude that cyber-attacks are imminent, business continuity and disaster recovery plans are now forming a key part of protection strategies. This is particularly important to guard against ransomware attacks — attempts to extort money by encrypting data.

Join us for this half hour webinar where Brian Buggy, VP: Products at Zynstra outlines the importance of a secure branch IT infrastructure, providing advice on:

  • Keeping branch IT secure and up to date
  • How a Copy On Write (COW) file system enables quick roll-back in the event of a ransomware outbreak
  • How to implement a ‘Keep Current’ IT strategy across large distributed branch networks

Keeping a distributed IT infrastructure secure and compliant comes with challenges. Even more so when you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of branches, across one or more countries. It is here that automation and the right tools can assist in dealing with these cyber security threats, from patching and updates to automated backups.